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Participating in any kind of sports has various benefits. Some of the advantages include; developing leadership and teamwork skills, it helps reduce depression and stress, it helps prevent being overweight and it is a source of income.

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Some advantages of playing sports you can lose weight have fun and meet new people .

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Q: What is the advantage of playing sport?
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What is a sentence for the word advantage from sport?

One could say that their team had the home-field advantage when playing on their own court, based on the team's extreme familiarity with the space.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing a sport in college?

One advantage to playing sports in college is the fact that you will be healthier for it. A disadvantage of playing sports is the fact that your grades may suffer if you don't do it properly.

What sport does advantage belong to?

The term advantage belongs to tennis.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of playing arnis?

Their is no advantage with women playing rugby.what

What are some of the advantage and disadvantages of playing individual sports?

Well there are lots of advantages and disadvantages of playing individual sports. An advantage is that if your playing a sport like Basketball and you have a bad team it would be different if you were only playing. another advantage is that you can be able to only depend on you no one else. Know some disadvantage's. one disadvantage is that if you know someone and you become really good friends with that person you wont be able to have a good friendship on the team if you decide to play a sport like Golf or something like that. There are lots more but i have a book report to do know but here is the bottom line... if you like having friends and playing around them playing a sport with people is the best for you. If you don't like to hang out as much and you really like to win and its all about you... than you should play by your self...

What are the advantage of sponsorship for a sport?

Money for the teams

What are physical benefits to be gained from participating in track as a sport?

What is the physical advantage of participation in sport

Is viola a sport?

No playing an instrument is not considered a sport.

What is the present tense of play?

I/You/We/They play. He/She/It plays. The present participle is playing.

If a perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?

If your perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?

Is it do sport or watch sport?

It can be both. If you are playing a sport for a team. Then you are doing a sport. If you just sitting on your sofa, you are watching a sport.

How many children get injured from sport?

It depends on what sport you are playing.