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de base

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Q: What is base jumping called in french?
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What is it called to jump from a fixed object with a parachute?

base jumping you idiot

How do you say jumping in French?

"Sauter" is "jumping" in French.

What is bungee jumping in french language called?

Sauter à l'élastique

What is jumping jacks in french?

"Jumping jacks" in French is "les jumping jacks" or "les sauts en étoile."

What is the best way to start learning base jumping?

Base Jumping is a type of dangerous activity in which a person jumps from a tall building or structure with a parachute. One of the best ways to start learning about base jumping is to watch videos of professional base jumpers. Additionally, an individual may read blogs about base jumping.

How can base jumping affect the earth?

BASE jumping is not dangerous to the earth. The occasional branch of a tree may get damaged, but that is it.

What sports has an extremely high death rate base jumping rock climbing swimming or skydriving?

BASE Jumping.

How do you say base jumping in Spanish?

salto base

What is cheddar gorge base jumping?

Cheddar Gorge base jumping is just base jumping at Cheddar Gorge. Base jumping is a sport where someone jumps of a solid/fixed object that is high above the ground and pulls the string attatched to their parachute which is on their back, so they land safely on the ground. (Cheddar Gorge is a limestone gorge in Somerset.) hope this helped :)

What is the example of risk taking?

Base jumping.

What is the main reason for base jumping?

your nan

When can base jumping be done?

When you feel like.