What company makes jt paintball?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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JT, Brass Eagle, and WGP are all owned by the same company. I'm not sure who owns who but my guess is that Brass Eagle owns the others since it's been out longer.

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Q: What company makes jt paintball?
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Can you use a jt goggle system in regular paintball?

Yes. Jt goggles are made for paintball games.

Does jt stealth paintball gun need a battery?

No, it is mechanical

Can you put attachments on jt stealth paintball guns?

A barrel, but that is about it.

What caliber is a jt outkast?

.68 caliber. same as the rest of paintball

Can you attach a paintball hopper to the JT paintball marker ER2 pistol?

Yes. you may need a neck adapter though.

Do you need to pump a usa jt cybrid paintball gun?

No, it is semi automatic

Does a jt US stealth paintball gun come apart?

Yes, don't be stupid.

How much fps does the jt er2 have?

Almost all paintball guns will shoot 300 fps.

Does the jt barrel fit the T-storm paintball gun?

You must get a Spyder threaded one for it to fit.

Is s JT cybrid paintball mega kit a good gun?

No. Cybrid makes very low quality markers. You will get a better investment saving money and buying a more expensive marker.

What is the fps of a jt cybrid paintball gun?

depends on how you adjust it, most guns come in with a factory setting at 250 fps

Does a Phat stick barrel fit a JT outkast paintball gun?

As long as it has the correct barrel threads it will. JT markers are spyder threaded, just make sure the barrel has spyder threads and yes it will work.