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Q: What causes a bungee cord to stretch?
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When a bungee cord gets longer will the bounce height vary?

Yes, the bounce height will vary based on the length of the bungee cord. A longer bungee cord will result in a higher bounce height because it allows for more stretch and potential energy to be stored before the rebound. Conversely, a shorter bungee cord will have less stretch and thus a lower bounce height.

Can a bungee cord be used as a force meter?

No, a bungee cord cannot be used as a force meter because the elasticity of a bungee cord is not that much, compared to a force meter.

Bungee Cord?

form_title= Bungee Cord form_header= Attach large items with a bungee cord. How many bungee cords do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} What size bungee cords do you need?*= {Small, Medium, Large} What will they be used for?*= _ [50]

Why should a bungee jumper use elastic cord not a steel cable?

The answer: Small stretch means small stopping time means greater force. Ouch!

What is a bungee cord?

An elastic cord, sometimes used for "Bungee jumping", and smaller versions are used for securing loads in truck beds.

Where can you find bungee cords?

Bungee cords are made. Usually, depending on where you live. By aspecialist who specifies in bungee cords. There are 2 types of modern day cords. Spec cords and the NZ cord. Spec cords are a military type of cord and only stretch to twice there length. Meaning if you want to jump 20', you need a 10' spec cord. Also spec cords are not very forgiving. Usually the sheath that surrounds the rubber in the cord has a stop distance that is twice the distance. Once its been reached it stops abruptly. The second and most commonly used around the world, the NZ cord is a tight bunched of elastics that are specially made to stretch 400% there size. Meaning if you have a 200lbs person and they want to jump 100'. You would need 25' of nz cord, that has at least 200 wraps in it. The science of the cord is very specific. The number of wraps in the cord very, depending on the weight of the person jumping. The larger the cord the more weight is needed to stretch it.

How can you die from bungee jumping?

the cord can snap

Who sells the cheapest bungee cord?

Bungee cord is available for the lowest prices from your nearest army surplus store. If you wish to buy the cord on line ebay and craigslist both offer a wide supply.

Why is it a serious folly for a bungee jumper to use a steel cable rather than an elastic cord?

The answer: Small stretch means small stopping time means greater force. Ouch!

A bungee cord begins to exert an upward force on a falinig bungee jumper?

Gravity, rope, and friction

What do you get when you cross an owl and a bungee cord?

Animal Abuse.

Identify the type of energy stored in a streched bungee cord?

The type of energy stored in a stretched bungee cord is elastic potential energy. This energy is stored in the cord when it is stretched and can be released when the cord is allowed to contract back to its original length, such as when a person jumps off a platform attached to the bungee cord.