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Transformer Down and Derby No more baths

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Q: What are some great movies for 12 year old boys?
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What famous movies were released in 1945?

1945 was a year of great movies to be released. Some of the highest ranking movies include The Bells of St. Mary's, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Scarlett Street, Dead of Night and The Clock. These movies are in the most popular of that year.

What are good movies for 17 year old boys and girls?

Its kinda older, but still a great movie. Me and my girlfriend watched it. "Better off dead". It is a comedy about teenage years.

What do nine year old boys like?

This is a generalization of what nine year old boys like: sports, cartoon shows, popular card games, electronic toys such as video games, and animated action movies or sci-fi movies.

Where do 12 year old boys hang out?

After-school activities. Movies. The house of obliging parents.

What are the most popular pajamas for 12 year old boys?

There are a variety of styles and types of pajamas that are popular for 12 year old boys. Some of the most popular pajamas for boys are based on popular characters, movies or games like The Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Lego video games.

What are some good inside birthday games for 11 year old boys and girls?

When my sisters friend was 11, she played 'chuck the parcel' (not pass!), Truth or dare, and had dancing comps. There were 11 year old boys there to, and they had a great time!!! MIKI xxx

What are some family movies that appeal to both boys and girls, both toddlers and preteens?

If you want to figure out how to entertain your toddler and teen, then check out They have all you need to know. From one year old's to 16 year old's, they have it all.

How do thirteen year olds act with friends?

Some are shy around boys, and others are obsessed with them, clothes and how they look, and romantic movies. On the other hand tom boys might be into clothes that are comfortable, an action packed thriller, and maybe an ocasional boy or two. But not that all into them!

Why do 13 year old boys have 6-packs?

It is because most 13 year old boys do not have as much body fat as adults, which is key to getting great abs.

What are some movies set before 500 ad?

Year 1

What are new movies in 2013?

There are many new movies that have been or will be released in the year 2013. Some of these movies include Despicable Me 2, The Heat, and Man of Steel.

Why don't 13 year old boys just come out and say they like you?

well some thirteen year old boys are still shy around girls and the think to much of there self they have to make sure that they look fine. and some boys that just play hard to get