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Dont let it have intercourse with you

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gettin ur penis bitten off by a mermaid

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Q: What are dangerous of kite boardind sport?
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Why is kite flying a sport?

it's not a sport.

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Which is the international sport event in India?

kite flying.

What are the names of some power kites?

Adventure sport power kite (Sky Wind Sport)

What sport do you need a tv for and starts with a k?

· kayaking · kite snowboarding

What is the fastest recorded speed of a kite?

The fastest recorded speed of a kite is around 145 miles per hour (233 km/h). This record was set by the Blackbird Kite, a high-performance sport kite.

What is snow kite?

A snow kite is a relatively new and exciting sport. You can find a lot of information about kite skiing at this site: or google Base Camp Outfitters Kite Skiing It's incredible fun.

Why could a kite caught in a powerline is dangerous to try to retrieve?

If you touch the kite while you are in contact with the ground or anything touching the ground, like a ladder, electricity will travel from the power lines down the kite and into you, and you will be shocked.

What sport is most dangerous?


What do you think of dangerous sport?


Is UFC too dangerous to be a sport?


What sport starts with k but requires with tv?

· karate · kayaking · kick boxing · kite snowboarding