The best mountain bike computer

Updated: 10/26/2022
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IMO there isn't that much practical difference between similarly priced bike computers. Find one with the features you want and a user interface you like and you're good to go.

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Q: The best mountain bike computer
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What is the best mountain bike and why?


What is the best mountain bike make?

santa cruz

Best website to find mountain bike trails in Houston? is a good website to find mountain bike trails and bike paths in the South Houston and surrounding areas.

What are some of the best bike computer makes?

There are many good bike computer makes. The best would be ones which have Cadence. The Sigma Cadence Bicycle Computer and Speedometer is probably the best, closely followed by the Cateye.

Where are the best places around the world to mountain bike and why?

Pacific Northwest. Tons of epic mountain bike trails, also California has many great trails.

What is the best mountain bike tires for the 18 speed mountain bike?

There are a few good mountain bikes tires that would suit a 18 speed bike. I would go to a bike store and ask.there's different tires for what type of riding you doing but everyone have their own way they like their bikes from handle bars to tires. There's no best part. It's just what's good for you

Who is the best manufacturer of mountain bike?

Matter of opinion. Norco seems to be pretty well.

When did Mountain Bike Rally happen?

Mountain Bike Rally happened in 1994.

Why not ride a mountain bike on the road?

A road bike is faster on the road than a mountain bike. That's all

What is the best mountain bike?

Well i like the specialized demo bike if you are doing downhill riding or trek fuel ex for other stuff

What is the focus of Mountain Bike magazine?

Mountain bike magazines focus on mountain bike tracks, tips and information regarding bikes in general as well as helpful tips about bike parts and repair.

What is best hardtail mountain bike under 300?

If you want a do-all hardtail then you'll have to spend at least $700 for an all mountain hardtail. for under $300 though you can get a pretty good BMX or dirt jump bike. but like a said, for a mountain bike, you'll have to save up a bit more.