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Generally, it will depend on a few factors such as: Velocity of the paintball, How much clothing is worn, and what part of the body it is. When you get hit in the stomach with a paintball going the standard rate of speed 280-300 Feet Per Second, it feels like a firm pinch or a snap with a large rubber band, keep in mind this is wearing a T-Shirt. If you get hit in the arm, it feels like a semi-firm pinch.

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yes but only a litlebit but not enough to make you cry

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Q: How much does it hurt when a paintball hits you?
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Does paintball skirmish hurt?

It depends on the range the paintball is fired from and the thickness of the clothing that you wear, but generally speaking YES they do hurt.

Do paintball blow guns hurt?

Not at all compared to actual paintball guns.

Doesn't airsoft sting more than paintball?

Paintball hurts MUCH more than airsoft. The reason that Paintball hurts more than Airsoft is because the speed of the paintball is faster and the mass is also larger. Take an Airsoft BB and a paintball and look at the difference in size. Now, when you figure that Paintball markers have much greater speed than an Airsoft gun, you will find that Paintball will and should hurt more.

What paint balls hurt the least?

There are no brands that hurt less then others. However, paintballs tend to harden up as they age. A hard older paintball is less "squishy" than a fresh new one and will hurt more when it hits.

Does paintball hurt cars?

well if you shoot the cars....

Does it hurt more getting shot by a Co2 paintball gun or slingshot paintball?

A Co2 gun can go up to 300 fps. Sling shoots only get a paintball up to 240.

Are you liable if someone gets hurt on your property when playing paintball in nc?

You liable if someone gets hurt on your property no matter what.

Does it hurt if you get shot by a paintball?

Yes, it is similar to a thick rubber band snap to the neck.

Can you use the same co2 tank for paintball and sodamaker?

No, paintball co2 is much higher pressure.

Is it safe to play paintball game at nudist resort?

Absolutely not! Those paintball's hurt like hell when then hit you, even WITH clothes on. I've seen so many people with welts and bruises the size of baseballs from getting hit. Can you imagine how much pain you'd be in if you were to get hit in your junk? It's not worth the risk.

How powerfull is a paint ball gun?

A paintball gun fires a .68 caliber .35 gram ball at 300 fps. If you where the right clothes (loose shirt, paintball vest, e.t.c.) it doesn't even hurt!

Is Proto Paintball and Dye Paintball the same company?

Proto is a division of Dye, much like Chevrolet is a division of GM.