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12,306 deaths...

Just what is your source for this?...Not to be rude but this figure is absolutely ridiculous!

I have been involved in the bungee jumping industry since 1989. And I have been aware of just about every single death that has occurred. I say just about, because I do not claim to be omnipotent in every thing bungee, NO ONE is but i am absolutely positive that that figure of 12,306 is AT LEAST overinflated by 100%. that would mean that the actual number is closer to 123. Even that number is higher than the actual number. I have not kept a log of all of the deaths but i would say the real number is closer to 50, actually somewhere between 50 and 100. For someone to say that 12,306 people have died jumping is stupid and irresponsible. Bungee jumping can be incredibly dangerous when performed by the wrong people, people who are not expertly trained, irresponsible or just plain stupid lacking any common sense. ALL of the Fatalities have been caused by human error..ALL THEM!!!

There have been instances when people have died or been seriously injured where to watch the incident happen, it would appear that it was because some part of the system usually the cord had broken or failed. But this has never been the case. Upon closer inspection by someone who is an expert in bungee jumping , All of these accidents have been cause by HUMAN ERROR. Bungee jumping is an inherently dangerous activity, after all you are jumping from a lethal height attached to nothing but a large rubber band! But when done in a manner that has been proven by hundreds of thousands of safe jumps. It is a very safe activity!!!

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As of November 2009, a study conducted by the WESA (World Extreme Sports Association) in North America recorded that 422 people have died as a result of bungee jumping since its rise to popularity beginning on 1 April 1979 from the 250-foot Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, by David Kirke, Chris Baker, Simon Keeling, Tim Hunt and Alan Weston of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club. WESA reports that of the chances of death from bungee jumping is approximately 1 in 500,000, and is about as dangerous as traveling 100 miles in an automobile.

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over 100 people died by doing bungee jumping. bungee jumping can be really dangerous sport

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Q: How many deaths from bungy jumping?
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