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Connect the air source, CO2 or Compressed air (preferably compressed air), then connect hopper, fill hopper, turn gun on, take safety off, fire. As for selecting firing modes check your manual. If you don't have the manual check out

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Q: How do you shoot a wgp pro sf paintball gunand select the firing modes?
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What is a board in a paintball gun?

It is a computer board that holds the electronics that govern the paintball gun and it's firing modes.

Does the RAP4 T68 AK47 Paintball Gun have different firing modes?

yes, with the e-trigger you will able to shoot: semi, burst and full auto

What are millennium paintball rules?

Millennium has similar rules to the USPL, PSP, and any other paintball league. The difference is the firing modes. USPL is in semi, PSP is in PSP mode, and Millennium us obviously in Millennium.

Can you use CO2 with a fully automatic paintball gun?

only if it is built to handle co2. weather or not a marker can use CO2 depends on how it is built not which firing modes it has.

Can the Piranha GTI plus Paintball Gun shoot automatic?

It should have these firing modes Semi Automatic Turbo+ Full Automatic 3-Round Burst Response Rampage X-Mode

Is there such a gun that has three firing modes?


Can you switch firing modes in modern warfare 2?


What is better a evil omen paintball gun or a mg 7 pro?

Of these two- MG-7 because of more firing modes and price. but for around 150 you can get a smart parts vibe, which is much better than either by a large margin.

What is millennium mode in paintball?

It is a mode on some paintball guns, where you must manually pull it it reaches 7.5 bps, and from there the ramp will start. It is capped at 15 bps.

How do you switch the firing modes on the pmi piranha evo paintball gun?

The PMI was a very very early marker. Therefore if it doesnt have an upgraded board, it only has one mode of fire. This was one of the reasons PMI went out of business, lack of upgrades.

What is a better paintball marker an electropnuematic marker or a mechanical one?

This is totally an opinion question. A mechanical marker is nice because there is no need for batterys and it is truly a bit of paintball history. Electronic markers are great because they are faster, allow more modes, and are the future of paintball.

Is an electic paintball gun better?

No not all paintball markers are electric. For instance the Tippman 98', and 98'custom, one of the most reliable and trustworthy guns on the market, are not electric. However buying an electric marker does grant you some benefits. Serious paintballers use electric markers because they allow they to select and customise a mode of fire that best suits them. Some electric markers also have an "eye" which prevents the gun from firing unless a paintball is completely loaded into the chamber, this saves from the firing with no paintball in the chamber or when a paintball is not fully in the chamber. Electric hoppers also are used to more quickly feed balls into the chamber on higer end guns.