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Only if you tie the cord to your hair before jumping.

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Q: Does bungee jumping cause hair loss?
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Does nifedipin cause hair loss?

No nifedipine does not cause hair loss.

Does dehydration cause hair loss?

Yes, dehydration can cause hair loss

Does velcade cause hair loss?

Velcade can cause hair loss, since it is a cancer drug, it may lead to hair loss.

Can inderal la cause you to loss your hair?

Yes it cause hair loss.

Does Trimspa cause hair loss?

Trimspa leads to dryness in hair, which can lead to hair loss. However, it varies from person to person but yes, it can cause hair loss.

Can trichomoniasis cause hair loss?

Trichomoniasis does not cause hair loss.

Does loss of sperm cause hair loss?


Does lead cause hair loss?

Yes lead causes hair loss.

Can steroidal injections cause hair loss?

Not usually, steroidal injections do not typically cause hair loss. Below is a link to a list of medications that are known and have been reported by their manufacturers to cause hair loss.

Can lamotrigine cause hair loss?

Hair loss is a known side effect of lamotrigine which is normally prescribed for epilepsy. Cessation of this medicine will usually stop the hair loss. If your hair loss is from Male Pattern or Female Pattern Baldness then the natural, proven and permanent results of today's modern hair transplant surgery could prove to be the best solution.

Do all forms of chemotherapy cause hair loss?

Not all forms of chemotherapy can cause hair loss. Many have the potential for hair loss, but it is not a guaranteed side effect. For example, there are two kinds of chemotherapy, Aromasin and Tamoxifan. they are both pill form of chemotherapy and do not normally cause hair loss.

What would cause patchy facial hair loss?

Many things can cause hair loss, but one in particular is a thyroid problem.