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Q: Can your brand be ecw on season mode on smackdown vs raw 08?
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Why dont they have more titles on ecw?

Because The Brand Does Not Have Enough Quality. Consider ECW, Smackdown's Heat!

Can you play as ECW on GM mode on smackdown vs raw 2007?

yes and its fun

How do you induct people into the hall of fame in smackdown vs raw 2009?

Into Hall of Fame in svr 09 you can't,because it doesn't have one,but you can make a Wrestler or a CAW to putt him instade of putting him on RAW,Smackdown or ECW on the Legend Brand (Its not a brand its just a mode)

Is it over for wwe because of ecw?

probably cause day took kurt,rvd,and taday big show turnd his back after the royal rumble on wwe vs ecw next itll be cris benoit. ECW IS ANOTHER BRAND OF WWE, THERE IS THE SMACKDOWN BRAND, THE RAW BRAND, AND ECW SO WWE WOULDN'T BE OVER EVEN IF THEY STOPPED RAW AND SMACKDOWN COZ THEY OWN ECW NO! It is the other way around. ECW SUCKS!! WWE ROCKS!!

Does smackdown vs raw 08 have general manager mode on psp?

yes there is a general manager mode including the legends and ECW

What brand is best Raw Smackdown or ECW?

RAW!!!Raw It has the perfect balance of Entertainment and action. Smackdown is in a close second though.

Can you fight in ecw in smackdown vs raw 2008 as a caw?

Yes, just create your wrestler and when you get to the application page, when it says brand choose ECW.

What is the best brand wwe wcw wwf nwa tna ecw?

The best Wwe brand really depend's on the year and the superstar's. Over the year's Raw has been the people's choice. But than again every year superstar's change brand's. They lose superstar's. Gain superstar's and this can change people's mind. As well as it really depend's what superstore you like. If you like more of the Smackdown superstar's people would say smackdown. The choice can always change.

What show is Randy Orton on raw smackdown or ecw?

now he's on smackdown. remember? ECW stopped about a year ago

Who are the commentators for WWE superstars?

WWE is divided into three parts ECW RAW SMACKDOWN each brand commentaters. In the game SMACKDOWN VS RAW 09.the commentaters are- SMACKDOWN-Jerry the lawyer and sometime Josh.Raw i really don't know.ecw In smackdown vs raw 2009 here are the commentators smackdown- Michael cole, johnathan coachman raw- jerry lawler, Jim ross ecw- tazz, joey styles

What is the current ECW Roster?

ECW no longer exists. NXT took it's place. So the superstars on ECW either went to RAW, SmackDown, or left WWE. Like: 1. Zack Ryder- ECW- RAW 2.Yoshi Tatsu- ECW- RAW 3. Christian- ECW- SmackDown! 4. Ezekiel Jackson- ECW- RAW 5. Goldust- ECW- RAW 6. Tommy Dreamer- ECW- TNA 7. Tazz- ECW- TNA 8. Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft- ECW- Smackdown! 9. Jack Swagger- ECW- Smackdown! 10. Matt Hardy- ECW- Smackdown- Left WWE- Possibly TNA soon 11. Mark Henry- ECW- RAW 12. Sheamus- ECW- RAW 13. Super Crazy- ECW- Left WWE 14. Evan Bourne- ECW- RAW 15. CM Punk- ECW- Smackdown- RAW 16. Bobby Lashley- ECW- Left WWE 17. Bella Twins- ECW- RAW 18. Chavo Guererro- ECW- Smackdown! 19. John Morrison and The Miz- ECW- RAW 20. Rob Van Dam- ECW- TNA

If ECW is taped before Smackdown do they use the ECW backdrop for dark matches or the Smackdown one?

The Smackdown one which they put up during and interval between shows