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You breathe just as normally during freefall than you do on the ground. Some jumpers, on their first jump, gasp when they jump, then forget that their lungs are full of air, so they experience a breathless feeling. Once they relax a little, they exhale, and find that they can indeed breathe normally.

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Try an experiment. Drive down the freeway at 85 mph and then stick your head out the window. See if you can catch any air in your lungs.

A lot of times it's psychological. It's easy to get freaked out and feel like you can't breathe in freefall, but if you just relax, you'll usually find that you can breathe normally. And the cold temperatures and less dense air at 14,000 feet can make it a little harder to breathe, too.

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YOU BREATHE NORMALLY. Wind speed doesn't matter. Stick your head out of a car window...while it's in motion...and try it.

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No, I'm afraid not - but you can breath through your mouth just as if you were on the ground.

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Q: Can we breath through our skin while skydiving?
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