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No, the marker will be able to shoot rapidly without an aftermarket trigger, although if you find the trigger pull stiffer than you wanted, you can exchange the spring for the trigger with a pen spring. A light trigger pull will allow you to "walk" the trigger, which basically means you pull the trigger with two fingers (one at a time), to reach full auto- like rates of fire.

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No, only the E-MR1 which uses a battery to have semi, burst, and full auto modes.

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Q: Can the spyder mr1 paintball gun shoot rapid fire?
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What is EYE on spyder paintball guns?

the eye is not specific to a is in all decent guns. it is a infra-red light that is in the chamber where the paintball is ready to fire, it senses when it's beam has been broken and it only allows the gun to shoot when the ball is all the way in the gun...this makes chopping paintballs a thing of the past.

What is the rate of fire for the spyder emr1 paintball gun?

If you have the loader to keep up with it, 15 balls per second.

What valve will give you rapid fire on a paintball mortar?

a butterfly valve.

Can you shoot a 40 cal paintball out of a paintball gun?

They will "fit" but they will not fire correctly, and will break when the bolt tries to push two of them at once.

Can the us army alpha egrip paintball gun shoot rapid fire?

Yes it can. One of the many features that come with the egrip are multiple modes. Not only is full auto in it, but so is semi, and three shot burst.

How many bullets does the outdoor sportsman rapid fire shotgun shoot?


Is it legal to shoot a paintball gun in Los Angeles?

it depends whether under controlled conditions or not, and if you are caught :p

Is the jt paintball gun a single fire?

Yes. It has a double trigger to shoot faster, by using both fingers in a rocking motion.

How do you shoot faster on cod MW2?

in multiplayer some guns will have rapid fire attachments than can be unlocked. it greatly increases the fire rate

What is the purpose of a paintball gun?

The purpose of a paintball gun is to fire paintball pellets, to mark opponents in the game of paintball.

What does double tap do in zombies?

If u are referring to COD it makes you shoot faster or u can call it rapid fire for all guns

What happens if you shoot a paintball gun without co2 or paintballs?

without CO2 or paintballs, you just put the bolt forward. In most guns this is how you de-cock after a day of play, but if you have a regulator, it may store a single shot. If you fire without co2, the gun will not cycle or fire a paintball, it will only go into the barrel. If you fire with no paintballs and co2, you may damage your gun.