Who invented weights?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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The Chinese.

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Q: Who invented weights?
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When n where did the ancient Greeks invented weights?

In Greece in ancient times

What is the Historical development of measurement and evaluation?

Weights and measures were among the earliest tools invented by man.

Are the weights pictured with this item included in the package?

No, the weights are sold separately. The weights in the picture show where the weights are stored.

Who invented the olympic bike?

No single person invented the olympic bike, it was a gradual development from the bikes produced for ordinary use. Eventually competition rules started regulating the design of the bikes as well, with wheel sizes, minimum weights ASO.

What are worth thinking about when buying bench weights?

There are many things that are worth thinking about when buying bench weights. Examples of things that are worth thinking about when buying bench weights includes the size of the weights, the weight of the weights, and the price of the weights.

What is weights in Spanish?

Weights are pesas.

Why are atomic weights realitive weights?

Actually weights are too small and are hard to work with.

What following constitutes a good anaerobic workout?

Lifting weights

How much Debby Ryan weights?

she weights 236 she weights 325your both wrong

What are snowmobile weights?

the weights are in your primary clutch

Do you need to do weights if you do boxing?

You don't need to "do" weights, but most boxers do some strength training with weights!

What has galena in it?

tire weights,fishing weights,pencils