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Whey Protein! Creatine fills your muscles with water, so once you stop using it, you will feel weaker and your muscles will lose regidity. Protein actually builds lean muscle mass, which is more beneficial to you and will last longer if you stop working out. Not to say that muscles "disappear" if you stop working out, but you will lose your "strength" after a while (while your muscles may look lazy and such). In my opinion, never, ever use creatine. Sure, it may make your muscles look bigger faster, but it's just a step down from "fake" steroids (with the disbenefits of using steroids themselves). Just stick to 100% whey protein powder and you will be fine. Just make sure not to drink it before you sleep, because you will not utilise any energy/protein you gain from it, and it may be stored as fat. Drink it in the morning as a breakfast shake, and/or after working out. You really don't need more than 2 glasses a day, which will regularly provide you with 80 grams of protein (1 cup = approx. 40 grams or protein, depending on what type you get). So, take my advice and use whey protein. It is actually absorbed by your body faster than proteins in other foods. For example, the protein in milk is absorbed by your muscles in 1 hour or more. Protein in whey form is absorbed by the body in 30 minutes or so, making it much more useful for your muscles after a workout (when they are crying out for protein and nurishment). Creatine can't do this for you. Whey protein for the win!

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They do different things. Protein is a macronutrient required to build muscle - you need about a gram per pound of body weight regardless of how you get it. Creatine is a bit different and is a supplement that helps performance and recovery. It is naturally found in the muscles and in some of the foods we eat, but using it as a supplement "saturates" the muscles with it, though it will dehydrate you if you're not careful.

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Q: Which is better creatrine or protein?
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There are many benefits from using whey protein in a diet. Whey protein absorbs nutrient in our body make it stronger for a better work out. Many people use this protein whey for work out routines.