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An ant can lift 10, 20, or even 50 times its own weight.

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an ant

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Q: Which animal can lift 4 times its own weight?
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Which animal can lift 850 times its own weight?

The leafcutter ant can lift up to 50 times its own body weight, which is one of the largest relative lifting capacities of any known animal. A more common comparison is the dung beetle, which can lift up to 1,141 times its own body weight.

Which is an animal champion weight lifter?

An ant can lift 5,000 times its own weight.

Which animal can lift 100 times its own body weight?


Strongest animal in the world-?

rhino beetles are the strongest animal ever. It can lift 380 times there own weight!

What is the strongest but smallest animal?

I would say that the strongest, but the smallest animal is an ant. It can lift 5 times it's own body weight.

Who can lift 50 times its own weight?

an ant!

Are ants the strongest animals?

Ants are the strongest animals (if you consider them to be animals) because they can lift up 20 to 50 times their weight. If a 200 pound human could do the same, he/she would be able to lift up 2000 to 10,000 pounds. Now, an ant wouldn't necessarily win a battle against another animal, but we're talking about its relative size.

Can you lift your own weight?

it is proven that you can lift your weight or more And you can push nearly 2 times more with your legs!

How many times its own weight can the stag beetle lift?

50times is weight

Which animal can carry 800 times more weight than his own weight?

It's an insect that is the largest know for its species and its the strongest animal in the world its called the Hercules beetle its in the rhinoceros beetle family because of its size it can pick up 850 times its body weight i weigh 135 so 135 x 850 equals 114,750 that's what it would be like for me to lift 850 times my own body weight. its no other animal in the world that can lift 850 times its body weight

What is the top five strongest animals?

1. Rhinoceros BeetleThey are not only the strongest insect but also the strongest animal compared to body weight. They can lift something 850 times their own weight.2. ElephantThey are the strongest mammals. Their weight is 12000 pounds and they can carry 20.000 pounds. They can carry as heavy as 130 adult humans.3. Leafcutter AntThey can lift something 50 times their own body weight. Imagine a person who can lift a truck.4. GorillaThey can lift something over 10 times their body weight. Their weight is 450 pounds and can lift up to 4600 pounds. Mean, they can lift as heavy as 30 adult humans.5. EagleThey are the strongest bird. They can lift something four times their own body weight during flight.

Which insect can lift heavy things?

Many insects can lift objects of huge weight, proportionate to their own size. An ant, for example, can lift 5 times its own body weight.