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Q: When did Dr barnardo come to London?
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Why did dr barnardo go to London?

to train as a Doctor

Where did Dr. barnardo live?

He was born in Dublin, but worked in London.

What school did he go to dr barnado?

Dr. Thomas Barnardo attended London Hospital Medical College in England to study medicine.

How will dr Barnardo be remembered?

Dr Barnardo will be remembered by helping the poor and sick children.

Who is dr barnardo's children?

dr barnardo had 7 children but 3 died

When was dr barnardo's wife born?

Dr Barnardo's wife was born in 1842

How Did Dr. Banardo Be Come Famous?

Dr. Barnardo became famous for his philanthropic work in helping disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Victorian London. He founded the charity Barnardo's, which focused on providing support and opportunities for at-risk youths. His efforts helped thousands of children lead better lives and his legacy continues to this day.

What did dr barnardo die off?

Dr Barnardo died after he had a heart attack

What date is when Dr Barnardo born on?

Dr Barnardo was born on the 4th July 1845

Where did dr barnardo get his money from?

Dr. Barnardo obtained his money from various sources. He initially received financial support from the London Guardian newspaper, which exposed the harsh conditions of child labor in Victorian London. He also relied on public donations and fundraising efforts to support his charitable work. Additionally, after his death, his organization, Barnardo's, received financial contributions from the government.

Was Dr. barnardo rich?


Did Dr. Barnardo Have a Family?