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You need to warm up your muscles that you are going to use in the match. This means that you will have dynamic stretching. Try the following stretches and exercises to get you ready. Classic Jumping Jacks. This will get your blood flowing and all your muscles moving. Butt Kicks. Jog in place and bring your heels up so that they touch your butt. Do this for 30 seconds if you can. Arm circles. Rotate your arms clockwise and counterclockwise. Hip Rotation. Hold your arms up like a boxer and rotate through your shoulders and waist. Front Lunges. Start at the baseline and do front lunges, alternating feet, until you reach the net. Do not over stretch your lunge. You just want to get your knees, quadriceps, hamstrings, and buttocks warmed up. Go through each tennis stroke. Swing through a forehand, backhand, volleys, and serve at least five times each. Now you should be ready for your tennis match!

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Virtually any exercise that puts stress on your body will help improve one's tennis game. Here are some suggestions in no particular order:

* hands - squeezing a tennis ball * wrist - pushing off a wall or push-ups * elbow - pull-ups * knees - squats * stomach and back - sit-ups * groin muscles - therapy-style resistance bands * ankles - jumping jacks * feet - running Refer to the USTA website, below, for more information and suggestions. As with any exercise regimen, you should consult a physician, physical therapist, or licensed/certified trainer, especially if you have a medical condition or are out-of-shape or haven't exercised in a while.

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Some good stretches for tennis players would be arm and leg stretches. Lifting one leg at a time and holding it to your thigh. Count to twenty before moving on to the next leg. High knee running would also help warm up your muscles. For arm stretches you might try stretching your left arm across your torso and pressing down on your elbow. Then do the same thing with your right arm. Aside from that all I can say otherwise is take a small jog to warm up your legs. And remember to drink lots of water.

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Start running on the spot or take a jog. After a minute or two of this work on stretching your legs (calf muscles), arms, shoulders, buttocks and abdomen.

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Q: What stretches should you do before a tennis game?
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