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Q: What is used for lifting things?
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What is a pulley use for?

a pully was used for lifting heavy things

Something that can hold things together or lifting objects?

A clamp is a tool that can hold things together by applying pressure. A crane is a machine used for lifting and moving heavy objects.

What is the used of tong in kitchen utensils?

It's for lifting things from fat or hot water.

What is a pully used for?

A pully is used to lift heavy things you normally would have difficulty lifting with your bare hands.

What are the function of all the 6 simple machines?

Lever is used for lifting things like a wheel barrow Wheel & Axle is used for moving things with less force like a bike Pulley used for lifting and lowering objects like stage curtains Inclined Plane is used for lifting/moving item onto a higher object like a ramp Wedge is used for splitting/cutting like a wedge or zipper Screw used for building and holding things together like bolts or screws

Electro magnet used for?

A electro magnet is used for lifting things by the magnetic force provided by the amount of coils and the size of the battery

Can lifting things cause injures?

Yes, if lifted the wrong way or if the things are too heavy. There are different ways for men and women to go about lifting things, as well.

What was chief kawiti good at?

lifting things

What was the invention that made lifting things easy?

The pulley

What is used for lifting?


If you are five months pregnant whats the most you can lift?

This depends on if you were lifting things from day one. If you are use to say lifting 50lbs at a time then lifting 50lbs will not bother you nor the baby at 5months. But if you do not do any lifting, then it isn't a good idea to up and start lifting things that are heavy. Most doctors would say not to lift over 20lbs. That is about the weight of a toddler.

What is a lifting magnet?

A lifting magnet is an electromagnet that is meant to hold or move material that comes in contact with the magnet. This is the opposite of a traction magnet.