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about 15 or 20 minutes.

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Q: How long do muscles stay pumped after weightlifting?
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How are penguins adapted to stay underwater for a long period of time?

They have muscles that store large amounts of oxygen

Muscles will ordinarily stay healthy if they are what regularly?

Muscles will ordinarily stay healthy if they are regularly active. They must be used daily for them to stay active.

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Muscles are attached to bones by tendons.

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strech your muscles and stay hydrated.

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Nothing as erythrocytes (i.e. red blood cells) are never"pumped into cells". They stay inside the blood vessels, circulating around and around.

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to stay hard for sex

Muscles will ordinarily stay healthy if they are?

stretched or excersised.

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For so long as the muscles contain a reserve of energy, these substances can be replaced by one set of enzymes as fast as they are destroyed by another; thus the muscles stay pliable for a time after death.

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It stays attached by muscles.

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