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You don't excercise... You stretch. You have to work on flexibility.

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Q: Exercise for the splits
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How do people do splits?

Some have the natural flexibility, and others warm up and exercise their body to be able to do it.

How long does it take to have your middle splits?

Getting your splits is a matter of daily practice. They won't happen by themselves, but regular stretching and exercise will get you there. Google "how to do the splits" and see fitforafeast video by Katrina and Sloane on some great stretches for getting the splits. They did a second video also on their youtube channel, Good Luck!

What are right splits?

Right splits are splits with your right leg in fron of you.

Can usher do the splits?

yes usher can do the splits he did the splits at the super bowl you can watch it on you tube if you missed it

What is the plural of split?

The plural of split is splits. As in "the acrobat can do splits easily".

Jenny has 12 nuts she splits them equally and then splits one of the groups in half again how many nuts are in the smallest group. then she splits them into eigths and after she splits them into third?


Are the side splits or front splits easier?

Front splits are a LOT easier! If you start by doing simple hamstring and hip-flexor stretches, you can often improve your splits by a lot!

Southtrust Corp Historical stock splits?

5 splits

Is it true that real gymnast can do the splits?

Yes, they can. Not just gymnasts can do the splits, anyone who is very flexible can do the splits if they practice hard.

What splits water?

which photosystem (p680or P700) splits water? P680

Can skai Jackson do the splits?

Yes he can do the splits very well:)

Is doing the splits bad for your body?

Doing the splits is only bad for your body if it is painful to do the splits. If you can do it comfortably without any pain, then it isn't bad for the body. Doing the splits is just the stretching of the muscles.