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Q: Your answer to how Penny Tweedy got Secretariat has errors so where did your info come from?
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Where did horse secretariat originally come from?

Secretariat was born at The Meadow Stud, owned by Penny Chenery.

How did miss hamm come up with the name secretariat?

I wondered that too. I re-watched the move real close and there is a scene where she is introduced as Penny Chenery's Father's secretary. That probably has something to do with it.

When does secretariat come out on DVD?

February1st, 2011

When does the movie secretariat come out on DVD?

February 1st.

How tall was secretariat the race horse?

Secretariat was 16'2 hands high16'2 hands high

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It was random really. They kept sending names in, and the Jockey Club kept sending them back, so by the time they got to Secretariat they were pretty far down the list on rejected names. It may have had something to do with Miss Hamm's job as a secretary, but I doubt it.

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