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Secretariat never ran a match race. You may be thinking of Seabiscuit, who defeated War Admiral.

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Q: Who did secretariat beat in the one on one race?
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Who rode the horse Secretariat?

Sham, a horse who had already beat Secretariat one.

Which one was more famous in the 20Th century man o' war or secretariat?

No doubt, Man o' War was a great race horse. However, in my mind, Secretariat is the greatest race horse of all time. I remember jumping up and down when I was a teenager watching him race and screaming when he won the Triple Crown. When he won the third leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont States, he beat the field by 22 lengths! Everyone should watch that video. If you love to watch horses run, it's something to behold. I think if they had ever met, it would have been one heck of a race; but I do think Secretariat would have won that race.

How many times did ham beat secretariat?

The 1973 Wood Memorial, a tune up race for the Kentucky Derby. Secretariat was not himself, and finshed third. Sham, however, did not win the race, but lost to another Lucien Lauren trained horse, Angle Light. Sham was second. After the race, it was found Secretariat was suffering from an abscess in his mouth, causing him to not grab the bit in his teeth and take flight. The abscess was treated and he was sound for the Derby, the rest is horse racing history.

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Did secretariat race in New Jersey?


How far does secretariat win the boamont crown?

Secretariat won the 1973 Belmont Stakes in world record time of 2:24 flat, by 31 lengths. The race is one and one half miles.

What was the most famous horse race in America?


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Who is the wolrd's best race horse?

The best has to be Secretariat

What race horse was qreen of the track?

Ruffian was and secretariat was king

What race horse won the triple crown in 1973?


What is the last race Secretariat rode in?

International 1973 +overview