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Q: Where can I get a LSU Equestrian Team T-shirt?
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What was LSU record when they won the national championship?

2007 LSU team was 12-2 2003 LSU team was 13-1 1958 LSU team was 11-0

When was US Equestrian Team created?

United States Equestrian Team was created in 1950.

Does SCAD have an equestrian team?

Yes, SCAD does have an equestrian team. See

Who was the first African American on the US equestrian team?

No African Americans have ridden for the US equestrian team.

Who is the team doctor for the LSU football team?

Jerry walden

Who was the Texas quarterback who was kicked off the team and then trasferrred to LSU?

No Texas QB has transferred to LSU.

Who was the team that beat lsu at home?


Who was Joseph Addai's college team?

lsu tigers

Who was the last team to beat lsu when they were ranked?


How do you get into the youth equestrian national team?

The Youth Equestrian National Team is the uper Varsity team. They range from age 10 to 16. They go around the country competing for the United States or whatever country they're from. It's pretty much the Olympics for non adults.

Does DeSales University have an equestrian team?

It's a club/team. So yes.

Where is LSU football team located?

Baton Rouge, LA