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He raced 21 times. Won 16, came in second three times, third once. He finished out of the money in his first race, finishing fourth, and that is why it is not included. Must be top three.

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Q: What was secretariat won loss record?
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What is the track record for the belmount stakes?

Secretariat, 2:24 flat. Won by 31 lengths.

How many links did Secretariat win the belmont?

He won in a world record 2:24 flat, by 31 lengths.

What is the 2006 uga win loss record?

UGA's won loss record in the 2006 season was 9-4.

What is randy orton's win loss record?

Randy Orton's win loss record is that he won 198 times and loss 106 times

How far does secretariat win the boamont crown?

Secretariat won the 1973 Belmont Stakes in world record time of 2:24 flat, by 31 lengths. The race is one and one half miles.

How much has secretariat won the belmont stakes record by?

Secretariat's winning time was 2:24 flat, a figure that most experts agree may never even be approached. The margin of victory was 31 lengths.

What horse holds belmont track record and by how many lengths?

Secretariat won the 1973 Belmont by 31 lengths in 2:24 flat.

Has a filly broken the Kentucky Derby record?

No..Three have won, Regret, Genuine Risk, and Winning Colors, but none have broken the record. The record is 1:59 2/5ths, set by the mighty Secretariat in 1973.

What is the 2007 football won lost record for notre dame?

Notre Dame's won loss record in the 2007 season was 3-9.

How do you use secretariat in a sentence?

Secretariat won the Triple Crown of horse racing in 1973.

What does it mean when a pitcher is 14-1?

That would be his won/loss record.

Who won the Belmont Stakes by the largest margin in history?

This and all the rest of the stats can be found at