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Q: What should you have on your showjumping checklist if you are starting SJI shows?
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What sites is it possible for someone to perform showjumping at?

Showjumping may be performed at horse shows in the UK, USA, and even Australia respectively. Showjumping may also be performed in Barnadown which is located in Wexford.

What sHow is do horses go in?

there are a lot of different shows but different breeds are better the shows? are Dressage, Showjumping, endurance,Steeplechase,hunting, showing and cross contry

Is showjumping an expensive sport?

It depends how much you are willing to spend To elaborate, much of it depends on the level of riding at which you're competing, and how much training you're willing to put into your horse. Showjumping on smaller circuits can be very affordable if you approach it with some common sense and practicality. Ask around at shows about working as a groom in order to learn how to properly turn out a horse for showjumping, as well as how to care for a horse doing things such as properly applying standing and polo wraps with or without liniment. If you learn how to do this before starting your show career, you can save hundreds on grooms and basic veterinary care. The most important considerations are buying only the essentials and working your way toward more knowledge and connections - this can lead to finding a trainer at a discounted rate if you work for them as a stable hand at shows!

What is the most hard horse show in the world?

im not sure but i think it is the cowboy shows, where you have to slide you horse round a barrel. that is very hard. or mabye a showjumping course, with extremly hard turns and jumps. hope that answerd this question for you :)

When was showjumping invented?

Show Jumping was created in the mid 18th century, around the time of the Enclosure Act.

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