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The genus and species for Thoroughbred is the same for all modern horses, Equus Caballus.
Some sites consider the breed to be a subspecies, which would make the Thoroughbred: Equus Caballus thoroughbred. Whether or not this is in common use the distinction is of somewhat limited value, since this type of "subspeciation" is artificially created.

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Q: What is the scientific name for the thoroughbred?
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What is the scientific name for the Thourghbred?

The scientific name for Thoroughbred is Equus caballus

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There are no thoroughbred race jockey lists available online. You can search them individually by name or by horse's name. There are lists of celebrities who have thoroughbred horses.

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A Thoroughbred is a registered breed, while a Thoroughbred X (literally 'Thoroughbred cross') is a mixed breed with Thoroughbred blood present.

How do you name a Thoroughbred horse?

AnswerYou can name any animal, by what it looks like, does, or tricks it does.

Can you use thoroughbred in a sentence?

It depends on the meaning of thoroughbred. The adjective thoroughbred means well-bred. The noun is a type of horse used for racing, show/sport and pleasure, among other things. Here are two examples of sentences. Adjective: The prince is destined to marry an arrogant, thoroughbred girl. Noun: A Thoroughbred can reach a top speed of up to 45 miles per hour in a race.

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