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Q: What is the closest thoroughbred horse race track to Charlotte NC?
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What is a good sentence for the word thoroughbred?

The thoroughbred horse raced down the track to the finish line.

What is an OTTB horse?

It stands for "Off Track Thoroughbred".Which means an Ex-racehorse.

What is an ex Thoroughbred?

I general, this is probably refering to an ex-racehorse, or a horse off the track. However, I've never heard it referred to as an ex-Thoroughbred.

How much does a thoroughbred cost?

A Thoroughbred, like any other breed of horse, has a wide range of prices. You can buy Thoroughbred off the track for in the hundreds, but if you go to some of the sales you can expect to pay in the millions and anywhere in between.

Can a thoroughbred race when it is blind in the rail eye?

Yes they can, however the jockey will have to account for this and likely keep the horse more to the outside of the track, or at least one other horse in-between his horse and the rail.

What type of Horses race in quarter mile straightaways on a track?

Quarter Horses. But they are usually Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred crosses, not pure Quarter Horse, as Appendix QHs can be registered with the AQHA.

What kind of animal is a secretariat?

Secretariat is a horse.His breed: thoroughbred. The only horse that's allowed on the race track. Clueless I once was to know the American Quarter Horse is the fastest horse ever, clocked up to 65 MPH.

Thoroughbred mudders?

a horse that runs well in the mud, or what is known as a muddy or sloppy track, it is as simple as that. Some horses do not perform well under those conditions and some perform well.

What has the author James Quinn written?

James Quinn has written: 'The handicapper's condition book' -- subject(s): Betting, Horse racing, Thoroughbred horse 'Recreational handicapping' -- subject(s): Betting, Horse racing 'High-tech handicapping in the information age' -- subject(s): Betting, Horse racing, Information storage and retrieval systems, Data processing 'On track/off track' -- subject(s): Betting, Horse racing

What is the Washington Jockey Club based on?

Was a horse track for Thoroughbred racing in the 30's Thu 70's, until it burned down. Washington Park Jockey Club was located in Homewood Illinois.

What does OTTB stand for?

It stands for "Off Track Thoroughbred".Which means an Ex-racehorse.

Can a thoroughbred horse be white?

Only if it is an albino . In this case , it usually has other genetic problems and is usually not used for racing or breeding, but kept for pleasure riding or a companion to a nervous racer. I have never seen one on the track .