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14 starts G2 winner means that the horse has made 14 starts or been in 14 races and has won at least one Grade (USA) or Group (UK, Europe) 2 stakes race within those 14 starts.

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Q: What does 14 start G2 winner mean in horse racing?
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What does a start mean in horse racing talk?

a start is when the horses break from the gate. when the bell rings and the doors open and they "start" running...that is called a start.

What does dour mean in horse racing?

what does dour mean in horse racinhg

What does to be placed mean in horse racing?

The place spot in horse racing would be considered second place.

What does it mean to win by a nose in horse racing?

The nose is the first part of the horse to cross the finish line. To "win by a nose" means that the winner just barely beat the second place finisher -- by the length of his nose.

What does non-runners mean in terms of house racing?

Non-runners mean in terms of horse racing that a contestant did not start or was exempt from wagering. An acronym for non-runners is NRNB and it stands for Non Runner No Bet. This is a common term in the horse betting world.

What does nap mean in horse racing?

you lose!

What does thouroughbred mean?

its a breed of horse, the most common racing horse actually.

What does pulled mean in horse racing?

Means that the horse could not cope and went out of the race

What Does pulled up Mean In Horse Racing?

Means that the horse could not cope and went out of the race

What does B D mean in horse racing?

Brought Down

What does it mean to win by a head in horse racing?

At the end of a horse race the winner's head crosses the finish line followed immediately by the next horse. This is a very close race. To win by a nose means the same thing, but instead of the head crossing the finish line first it is just a nose.

What does the blue and white chequered racing flag mean?

That flag is waved when the winner crosses the line.