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This is called a "steeplechase".

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Q: In this race horses jump over ditches hedges and hurdles A form of this race is for humans too What is this race called?
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Horse racing when horses jump fences and ditches?

It is known as a steeple-chase.

Are purple leaf plum hedges poisonous to horses?

Yes, purple leaf plum hedges are toxic to horses when consumed in large quantities. The leaves and stems contain cyanogenic glycosides which can produce cyanide when ingested, affecting a horse's health. It's best to keep horses away from these plants as a precaution.

What are hurdle races for horses?

SteepleChase is the race that includes jumping hedges/fences when the horses are running together. Cross-Country is a timed individual run across all kinds of barriers

What do you call a lot of horses together?

Horses are just called "horses" unless they are in a group together. When horses get in a group together, they are then called a "herd".

Are there horses called mastang?

they are called mustangs. they are the American wild horses. Australian wild horses are called brumbys.

What do you call a dozen horses?

A dozen horses is usually called a 'string' of horses.

What are a big gang of horses called?

They are called a herd of horses.

What are horses called?

Horses, generally.

What does STB mean when talking about horses?

STB is short for Standard bred: bred for harness racing. TB is short for Thoroughbred: bred for racing on the flat or over hurdles.

What is a herd of wild horses called?

American wild horses are generally called mustangs.

What is more than one horse called?

A group of horses is typically called a herd.

What are a couple of horses called?

a herd of horses