Best Answer is not really a game to me. In fact, it's indexed as gambling according to Google and The problem with Digiturf is that even though people have won a lot of money, it can get very expensive to play. In fact, I have seen some people spend tens of thousands of dollars. You might want to save your money and try They have tournaments where you can win prizes and a lot of those tournaments are actually free. The game has great graphics and a very large interactive community, as well. Another interesting game that follows the path of the Breeders Cup is I think one of these two games will make it to your favorite horse racing games list.

I disagree with the answer above-

a: because it looks like they're marketing their own games.

b: anyone who has played would know it is the most realistic horse game around. And I say played deliberately- because it is a game. It's not like you're gambling in a casino.

I joined them through ESPN - coz ESPN is very credible about sporting / gaming sites and I've never looked back. Sure it costs money to win- but you're winning your own money back from other players. (When you beat the other players- which I'm not!)

And they have their free games and unlimited access to their 3D viewer (not like and mentioned above where you have to pay).

And I'm not rich that I can run in the championships but I get my fair entertainment in the cheaper races which is cheaper than a burger! Don't knock it till you tried it.

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Q: I play at Are there any other horse racing games where I can win money?
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