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oh A LOt! couple pounds tops plus the driver. unless Ryan howard is near.

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Q: How much weight can a 1994 dodge 2500 carry?
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What models are available in the Dodge 2500 series?

The only models available in the Dodge 2500 series is the Dodge Ram. The series was introduced in 1994 with two weight classes available at first, however the two options were dropped a few years later.

Will a 1999 dodge 2500 transmission fit in a 1994 dodge 2500 same size engine 360?

It will not shift properly. The 1999 has an electronic governor and the 1994 has an hydraulic governor.

How much weight can wagon carry?


Will a 1998 dodge 2500 v 10 auto transmission fit in a 1994 dodge 2500 5.9 liter?

No. The V10 has a different bell housing pattern, and the 1998 and 1994 use different styles of governors. 1998- electric. 1994- mechanical.

What is the size of a 1994 dodge ram 2500 gas tank?

26 or 35 gallons

What year model Dodge trucks will a 96 2500 Dodge truck diesel engine fit?

1994 to early 1998

How much weight can you load 2500 dodge sprinter?

It is rated for 5000 lbs

What weight of oil does your 2011 2500 dodge 5.7 hemi take?


What is the horsepower of a 1994 dodge 2500 diesel?

160 hp for an auto 175 hp for a standard

What differential fluid weight do you use in a 2003 dodge ram 2500?

Synthetic 75w90

How much weight can a Chevy 2500 diesel tow?

More than Ford and dodge

How much does a 1994 2500 Chevy truck weight?

I think 5266 lbs.