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Q: Does secretariat have cussing in it?
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Is cussing against babtist religion?

No, cussing is not a Baptist religion, or any religion at that! Cussing is bad so don't do it.................for our god, pleas.

Is secretariat the movie out?

Yes secretariat the movie is out.

Was Secretariat Australian?

No, Secretariat was born in America

Does the Kitchen Princess series have any cussing in it?

Probably because it was made for younger people too and the people who made it didn't want to have cussing in it. 0.0 do you want there to be cussing?!

Is there cussing on the campaign in call of duty ghosts?

Yes, just like all other installments of the Call of Duty series, there is a lot of cussing. However, only in the campaign is there cussing.

Why do you say snap Where does it come from?

its like a alternative to cussing but if you say "snap" your not cussing and idkk where it comes from

Is cussing in school inappropriate behavior?

yes because cussing is bad words and aren't you there to learn?

Which horse was recorded fastest out of Ruffian and Secretariat?


Which is correct spelling- Secretariat or secretariate?

I believe it is secretariat.

Why don't they try and clone secretariat?

They don't clone secretariat because they can't. Plus secretariat is from the 1960's

What is Secretariat's birthday?

Secretariat was born on March 30, 1970.

What horse fathered Secretariat?

Bold Ruler was Secretariat's sire.