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Q: Why does Penn State University not have an logo on there helmet?
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Which came first the Green Bay Packers helmet logo or the University of Georgia helmet logo?

The following web site: states that the now iconic "G" helmet logo was first used by the Packers in 1961 (designed by equipment manager Dad Braiser). The University of Georgia began using the "G" helmet logo in 1964. Grambling University (Louisiana) began using the "G" helmet logo in the early 1980's

What does the Penn State University Crest Stand For?

Short for Pennsylvania State University, Penn State's shortened nickname is recognizable enough that it is featured on the school's professional logo designs. The logo, which is colored in the university's distinctive blue, features a 'Nittany Lion', which is a type of mountain lion that was once found commonly in the area as well as the school mascot. The graphic is shaped like a shield and features the year that the school was founded, 1855, both of which lend an air of establishment and tradition. The original Penn State University seal with the founding date of 1855 on it is very similar to the Pennsylvania State flag.

What is Michigan's logo?

The state, or the university? if it's the university: . but if it's the state, we don't have a logo.

What is Tennessee State University logo?


Where can you find the THON 2000 logo for the Penn State Dance Marathon?

look it up on your computer

Which NFL team was the last to put logo on helmet?

The Clevland Browns still do not have a logo on thir helmet

What kind of helmet is the browns logo?

They just wear an orange helmet.

Is the University of Michigan football helmet trademarked?

Yes. Along with virtually all iterations of the classic "M" logo the University of Michigan football helmet is a federally registered trademark.(note: for a list of protected trademarks for the U of M see related links below)

Does saints helmet have logo on both sides?


What college teams have no logo on their helmet?

Wake forest

Why does Robinson Cano's batting helmet have a gold New York Yankees logo on it?

The logo looks gold because of pine tar residue on the helmet.

Is the Cleveland Browns logo an orange helmet for budget reasons?