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Q: Who is better Ohio state or Michigan?
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Which is a better team in your opinion Ohio State or Michigan?

Although a Michigan fan, in the past years, Ohio State has been better.

Who has a better football record over the past thirty years Ohio state or Michigan?

michigan has the better record

Who was the best football player at Ohio state?

Nobody was ever good at Ohio state, Michigan is WAY better

What was Coach Cooper's Ohio State versus Michigan Record?

John Cooper had a record of 2-10-1 against Michigan in his 13 seasons as head football coach at Ohio State: 1988: Michigan 34, Ohio State 31 1989: Michigan 28, Ohio State 18 1990: Michigan 16, Ohio State 13 1991: Michigan 31, Ohio State 3 1992: Michigan 13, Ohio State 13 1993: Michigan 28, Ohio State 0 1994: Ohio State 22, Michigan 6 1995: Michigan 23, Ohio State 21 1996: Michigan 13, Ohio State 9 1997: Michigan 20, Ohio State 14 1998: Ohio State 31, Michigan 16 1999: Michigan 24, Ohio State 17 2000: Michigan 38, Ohio State 26

Is the Ohio State University a better college or is Michigan University?

Its University of Michigan (UM), but overall UM is better. However, OSU is better at a variety of specific programs.

Ohio state football schedule 1968 vs Michigan State?

Ohio State 25 Michigan State 20

Worst college football team?

Ohio States Buckeyes of course. They aren`t even better than the Florida Gators. Michigan is better then Ohio State in so many ways. Ohio State fans are so mouthly. Yes Michigan is mouthly but not as much as Ohio State fans. They go overboard. They`re crazy. Buckeyes = suckeyes. You can`t get suck with Michigan. So haha. Ohio State fan can say something to me but I`ll have a better comeback so there. Ohio State fans think they`re big and bad. They think they`re better than everybody else`s team. Mostly Michigan. Michigan beat the 57 times. We have them by 9 years in a rwo. They have us 7. Wow I`m scared. They suck and always will. And that`s the truth.

What was the score Michigan Ohio State Buckeyes in 1969?

November 22, 1969: Michigan 24, Ohio State 12.

Who has won more games when Michigan or Ohio State plays each other?

Michigan 57 Ohio State 42.

Is Ohio State better than Michigan at football?

Yes Yes While Michigan is the winningest football school in NCAA history, Ohio State since 1951 has taken over the spot as the nation's most winning team.

Who has played in more bowl games Ohio State or Michigan?

Ohio State

What state is to the north of Ohio?