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University Of Oregon .

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Q: Where did Haloti Ngata go to college?
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What college did NFL player Haloti Ngata play for?

NFL player Haloti Ngata played for Oregon.

What is the birth name of Haloti Ngata?

Haloti Ngata's birth name is Etuini Haloti Ngata.

How tall is Haloti Ngata?

Haloti Ngata is 6' 4".

What position does Haloti Ngata play?

Haloti Ngata plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

When was Haloti Ngata born?

Haloti Ngata was born on 1984-01-21.

What is Haloti Ngata's number on the Baltimore Ravens?

Haloti Ngata is number 92 on the Baltimore Ravens.

What college did Haloti Ngata attend?

#96 Defensive End at the University of Oregon

How much does Ngata weigh?

Haloti Ngata weighs about 330 pounds (150 kg)

How old is Haloti Ngata?

NFL tackle Haloti Ngata is 33 years old. He was born on January 21, 1984.

Where does haloti ngata live?

Hilltop hganata

How many bench presses did Haloti Ngata do in the NFL combine?

37 reps

What was the date that Haloti Ngata broke Ben Roethlisberger's nose?

December 5, 2010.