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started in 1879

answere 1936

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Q: What years did university of Michigan winn the ncaa football champs?
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Who has the most wins in college football over the last 4 years?

The University of Michigan is the most winningest football program in the history of the NCAA.

Did Gerald Ford play pro football?

University of Michigan. He was a star football player and was voted the team's "most valuable player" in 1934. University of Michigan. He was a star football player and was voted the team's "most valuable player" in 1934.

What is the GPA of the university of Michigan football team?

No official figure has been released, but the current 2009 season's team has the highest collective GPA for a Michigan Football team in the past 20 years, according to Athletic Director Bill Martin.

What year did Tom Brady try out for the Michigan football team?

He made the Michigan football team all four years at college (1996-1999).

Who are the D1 NCAA Football Champs for the past 100 years?

Click on the 'NCAA Football Champions' link on this page to see, from the NCAA, the past champions of football going back to the year 1869.

What high school did Gerald Ford attend?

Ford attended Yale Law School and graduated there. After graduating from Michigan in 1935, he turned down offers to play professional football and instead coached football and boxing at Yale University for five years.

When was the last time Michigan State beat Michigan 3 straight years in football?


When was the last time Michigan beat Michigan state 4 straight years in football?


Who has a better football record over the past thirty years Ohio state or Michigan?

michigan has the better record

How many times has the University of Kentucky been the National Collegiate AA Champs in basketball between the years 1939-1996?


What years did Florida State University beat Alabama university in football?


How long was Gerald Ford at the University of Michigan?

4 to 6 years