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Q: What is the use of sports in Telugu language?
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Importance of Telugu language in Telugu language?

telugu language importance

How can print Telugu words in python language?

To print Telugu words in Python, you can simply use the Unicode representation of the Telugu characters. Here is an example: print("తెలుగు") This will output the Telugu word "తెలుగు" in the console.

What is essence in Telugu language?

"అవస్థ" (avastha) is the translation of "essence" in Telugu language.

Who was the founder of colloquial language movement is Telugu?

The founder of the colloquial language movement in Telugu is Gidugu Venkata Ramamoorty. He advocated for the use of spoken Telugu in literature to reach a wider audience and make it more accessible to all people.

how to type Telugu in your ms-word?

To type Telugu in MS Word, you need to enable the Telugu language in the language settings of your computer. Once enabled, you can switch to Telugu language input in MS Word by selecting it from the language bar or using the shortcut keys. Then you can start typing in Telugu using a Telugu keyboard layout.

What sheep is called in Telugu language?

Sheep is called "ఎరుక" (eruka) in Telugu language.

What language family do Tamil and Telugu belong to?

Tamil and Telugu belong to the Dravidian language family.

What is Sanmanam Telugu language is called in English?

"Samanam" in Telugu language translates to "Equality" in English.

Which language is older Telugu or Hindi?

Telugu . Source : wikipedia .

Which language is more commonly spoken Tamil or Telugu?


Free spoken English to Telugu?

You can use online translation tools or language learning apps to translate spoken English to Telugu. It's recommended to practice regularly with a native Telugu speaker to improve your pronunciation and fluency. Additionally, watching Telugu movies or listening to Telugu songs can also help you become more familiar with the language.

When was the Telugu language born?

Around 500BC ( Before Christ) Satha vahanas used Telugu Language