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Means you participated on varsity for half the season or half the meats

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Q: What does high school varsity letter mean?
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How can you letter in a sport?

Lettering in a sport usually has to do with your High School years. If you letter in a sport that means that you played on the Varsity team and you remained on the team for that entire year. To letter you must play a varsity sport and usually at the end of the year most teams throw a banquet and your coach will hand you the initials of your school which is considered your letter, it is also what you put on letterman jackets in high school.

Is American high school varsity football team good?

Varsity football teams are not good just because they have quality education and top sport equipment does not mean there good

What does letter mean in wrestling?

To "letter" in any sport is to complete a varsity season. This term is used because after the season is over a patch in the shape of the school's letter is given to the athlete.

What does lettering in football mean?

"Lettering" means you played the sport at the Varsity level in school [high school or college] and earned the right to wear an embroidered school initial on your sweater or jacket.

What does vl abbreviation mean on a football roster?

varsity letter

What does experience 3v mean in college sports?

3 year varsity letter

What do the letters jv mean on NFL footballs?

junior varsity junior varsity junior varsity

What does high school sweety mean?

high school crush or lover

what you doing?

I draw and play Basketball for the girl's varsity team.

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