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If you're in high school, you should probably do it in the locker room. Just slide it on quickly before you slide on your other equipment or shorts, etc. If you're wearing it already, you might get teased.

However, some men actually enjoy wearing jocks all the time instead of underwear--if you do, that's fine, too.

Well if you change into your jockstrap at home the other guys will know it's because you are too shy or afraid to change in front of them. They will assume it's because you have issues with your development down below, and that you are sensitive about it. The same will apply if you change in a bathroom stall or if you do the "towel dance" (that's wrapping a towel around yourself to change under it).

It's kind of an open invitation for guys to tease you. You are better off just biting the bullet and changing in front of the other guys. Once you get used to it you will wonder what you were so afraid of.

Locker room. be confident in your body.

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Just take off your clothes and underwear, pull on your jockstrap, and put on your gym clothes or uniform.

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Strip down put on your suporter

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Q: Should you change into your jockstrap in the locker room or at home?
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