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2 thousand

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Q: How many people go to Stadium High School?
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How many seats in one section of a football stadium?

depends on what type; high school, college or pro high school is from about 2,000 to 15,000 people college is from 30,000 to 80,000 pro from 60,000 to 90,000

How many seats in a high school stadium?


How many people are there at forks high school?

there are about 110 people in forks high school and in all of forks there are 3521 people

How many people can the Houston dynamo stadium seat?

Robertson Stadium-32000 people

How many People does London Stadium Hold?

The stadium can hold approximately 80,000 people

How many people go to collge after high school?

about 90%

How many people go to East high school?


How many people can fit in stoke city stadium?

27,598 people can fit into Britannia Stadium; the stadium of Stoke City FC.

How many people did it take to build the London Olympic stadium?

how many people did it take to build the olympic stadium

How many people does Don Valley Stadium hold?

25,000 people can be in don valley stadium

How many people work at Gillette stadium?

Approximatley 240 people work at Gillette Stadium.

How many periods do Japanese people have?

Japanese people typically have three periods in their school life: elementary school (6 years), junior high school (3 years), and high school (3 years).