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1 the name is KKK istution of hanging

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Q: How many colleges have only one school color?
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Do colleges look at 5th grade grades?

no, colleges only look at your high school transcripts.

How many colleges in South Dakota for lawyers?

Only one, the Universiity of South Dakota School of Law in Vermillion.

How many private colleges are located in California?

There are 188 private colleges and universities in the state of California. The largest is USC and the most expensive is Harvey Mudd College.

How many secondary schools do you have in Kano State?

There are three secondary schools in Kano State. There are a number of colleges and schools that are post high school level, but there are only three that are considered high school level.

Will it matter to colleges if your high school only offers one Foreign Language?

No. It only matters how many years of a foreign language you take. As long as they offer 3 to 4 years, you will be fine.

What are the best colleges in Mississippi?

There is only one vet school in Mississippi - Mississippi State University.

What time did children go to school in the colonial times?

There were many areas that did not have formal schools, or only church schools. Girls did not usually attend secondary schools. Only a small percentage of students went on to attend colleges.

What are baking colleges?

Your freind is most likely talking about culinary school, or a technical school. Some four-year universities offer culinary programs, but as of now, there are no well-known 4-year colleges that focus specifically and only on baking.

What colleges in east Tennessee offer veterinarian school?

The University of Tennessee is the only college of veterinary medicine in Tennessee.

How many engineering colleges r there in lpu?

LPU does not organize its academic units into colleges; instead, they are structured as departments. For instance, students refer to them as the School of Computer Science and Engineering and similar designations. Each department within LPU focuses on specific fields of study, offering various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The different specializations such as Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, and more.

Does a 2-day suspension in elementary wreck your chances of getting a scholarship or going to an Ivy League university?

Even though suspensions and etc are kept on your academic record which is reviewed by colleges I doubt that would have any affect on you seeing as this happen in Elementary School. What you do in High School is mainly the only thing many colleges look at/care about.

Was Marist Brother College an only boy school?

There are hundreds of Marist Colleges globally. Most of them are all boys schools.