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Q: Does penn state allow cars on campus for freshman?
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Can you have a car on uni campus?

That depends on the University. Most state universities do not allow Freshmen to have cars at the school campus. However, if the school is privately owned, it is more likely that you can own a car on campus during your freshman year. Almost all universities allow upper classmen to have cars on campus.

Does louisiana state university allow cars for freshman?


Why are students at SUNY Albany not allowed to bring cars on campus their freshman year?

Students at SUNY Albany are not allowed to bring cars on campus during their freshman year, as that privilege is reserved for older, and more responsible, students.

Does usf allow freshmen to have their cars on campus?


Can bethune Cookman freshman have cars?

yes they can

Can bethune cookman college freshman bring cars?

No. Freshmen are not allowed to have cars

What is the address of Willis Auto Campus?

The Willis Auto campus is located at 2121 NW 100th St. Des Moines, Iowa. They specialize in the sale of used cars and the sale of new Lexus, Jaguar, and Infinity cars.

Can freshman at cornell university have cars?

Yes FRESHMEN can have a car on campus! Students bringing a car to campus will need a parking hangtag. There are designated parking areas for resident and commuter students as well as faculty and staff.

Can freshmens have a car on unc chapel hill campus?

No freshmen are not allowed to have cars, they do this because its such a small campus and they have to have enough parking spaces for the upper class men.

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There is a city in Mozambique, Africa that they do not allow cars.

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Does the state of Texas allow garnishment of wages for a repossessed vehicle?

garnished wages in Texasno the state of Texas does not garnish wages for no debts unless it is IRS related or student loans or anything dealing with government loans.