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yes, they did under tyrone willingham for home games but they were only worn a couple times and they are never to be worn again after that season they were said to be bad luck after they were slaughtered in them.

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For the majority of seasons they didn't, but there were certain coaching eras when they did. During Dan Devine's tenure and Gerry Faust's tenure names were on jerseys as well as during a few key bowl games: Lou Holtz's first trip to the Cotton Bowl in 1987, the Hawaii Bowl in 2008, and most recently the Sun Bowl in 2010.

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Notre Dame has played periodically in Green & Gold as early as the 20's under Knute Rockne, in the 30's, 40's, and every decade since. They never played in green under Parsegian from '64 - '74.

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Q: Did the Notre Dame football team ever wear green and gold uniforms?
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