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relationship between training and deveiopment

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There are many ways you could define training and development. Training is the teaching and development is what is learned or accomplished.

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Training and Development refers to the imparting of specific skills ,abilities and knowledge to improve current or future employee performance

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Q: Define training and development
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What is the definition of skills development?

Skills development is the training and development that the employer provides to his employees in the workplace. It is often construed that only training that is provided by an outside training provider falls within the definition of skills development. The definition also includes on-the-job training provided by the employer.

What serves as the foundation for Army training?

Principles of training and leader - development training.

How training and development affect the employees' morale as well as attitude?

Training and development an affect employees and depending on the type of training received can depend on the impact. For the most part when there is a positive introduction to training and development the employees greatly benefit.