What was lenin's mandate?

Updated: 10/12/2022
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Lenin wrote The Decree on Land. It decreed an abolition of private property and the redistribution of the landed estates amongst the peasantry.

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Q: What was lenin's mandate?
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What is funded mandate?

When a higher level of the U.S. government (i.e. the federal government) tells lower branches of the government (i.e. state governments) to do something, that's a mandate. If the federal government give the states money to help them do whatever they want them to do, that's a funded mandate. If they don't, if they just expect the states to do it on their own, that's an unfunded mandate. So when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, the federal government told the state governments they had to make all their office buildings handicap-accessible. They did give the states some money for the construction (although some say not enough), so that was a funded mandate.

Is the United Nations' involvement in social and economic problems consistent with its mandate to preserve peace and security?

yes, the UN interferes in the problems of nations because it wants to preserve peace. it is only because of the UN's goals, that they are so involved in these affairs.

What was lenins theory about capitalism?

- War caused by the stresses and strains of monopolistic capitalism. - Capitalist overproduction requires the continual expansion of markets, sources of raw materials and profits. - Colonial conquests by capitalist powers. - After all the available lands for expropriated and exploited, the incessant demand for more leads to wars among the capitalists powers themselves. - Lenin's view in Lenin's view capitalism causes war and with the destruction of private capitalism, wars will no longer occur.

What is the mandate of the Department of Economic Development?

The Department of Economic Development is tasked to further the growth of business and commerce in the country. It does this be helping businesses to form and grow through providing financing and help with management through educating a new start up in proper procedures.

What was the intent of lenins new economic policy (NEP)?

The New Economic Policy (NEP) was intended to reverse some of the economic ravages caused by the previous policy of War Communism had inflicted on the country.

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