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Because the new SS Bats are great when it comes to pinging off the blade. Personal experience...

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Q: Why has sangakkara changed his bat from kookaburra to SS?
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What bat is sangakkara using?

Sangakkara is a classical player. He is the best batsman for srilanka. He is using a ss bat for play.

Why has Jayasuriya changed his bat from Kookaburra to RBK?

The bat is the same but the sticker has changed. RBK, MRF, Hero Honda and Britannia use the bat face for Brand management. They are not serios bat makers nor cricket equipment manufacturers. Most of the cricketers use the bats manufactured by SS, BAS, Bradbury and Kookaburra. Ganesh

What is Ricky Ponting's bat?


What bat does ricky ponting use?

He uses SS bats but he puts woodworm stickers on for sponsership

What cricket bat does dhoni use?

he uses a reebok sponsored bat.. probably a ss ton

Which cricket bat is better: SS or SG?

it means sunil gavaskar

What is the best bat to use?

for sure it has to be English willow SS TON

What is the best cricket bat of all time?

According to my opinion at club level SS and and SG provides best cricketing bats .i can not say about kashmir willow bats but English willow bats on club level are SS and SG and the top bat on international level is PUMA they r tough and hard hitting bats with negligible jurk but they costs too high . In India most of cricketers uses SG and SS cricket bats as Yuvraj singh uses SS but labled as RBK , sourav ganguly also uses SS . Some playes like vireder sehwag , dinesh kartik , rhaul dravid uses SG. while sachin and dhoni uses BAS VAMPIRE , this bat is also rough and tough but over all in all three bats SS , SG , and VAMPIRE , i will recommecd u to buy a SS bat .I m also a big hitter at distt. level when it requires height hitting i uses PUMA and when to play nice , long and tremendous innings i will prefer SS or RBKCompanies like RBk , PUMA are labeling companies that means their bats r not manufactured by them they buy best bats from diffrent companies and lablel their own that means their bats will be best but their cost is too height to affordwhile buying the bat always see it handle , to hit long strokes it shoud be 9 pieced and for smooth playing it should be 6 pieced . and as tick wil be the base of the bat with curve its striking power will be more always use light weighted bats to hit nice and controlled strokes

Which bat is better under Rs 1500 consider gm gray nicolls kookaburra sg and SS?

listen up what I prefer you buying is sg or gray nicolls .because I bought a kookaburra blade prodigy 40 which costed 1599 1.5 yrs ago I disliked it for reasons its piece of willow is not so good because the bat starts getting heavier once old and the wood marks and burns and even the wood starts rottening .so do not buy kookaburra.the bats r good but he good ones r costly.then comes ss my brother purchased a ss bat about 7yrs ago for coaching the bat was good for rs 1999 the bat was good and is still there but it does not have a good sweet spot meaning it cannot generate too much has had some bad reviews for cheap ones even my friends told me that it is not then gray nicolls and sg left.both r fantastic bats I haven't tried gray nicolls but it is good according to experts and has good edges nice swwet spot but I am not much concerned about the cheap ones around 1500 because ive got no idea it might turn out like my blade.however I checked some gray nicolls on flipkart and I liked a bat called gray nicolls quantum smasher for 1300 looks great and is a Kashmir willow you could check it comin to sg when m I bought kookaburra my friend bought sg boundary extreme it rocks good edge great stylish perfectly awesome and in you budget plus all sg bats have great edges and are for less I just admire sg bats.they r great.however even gray nicolls is good but you actually domtknow what it is as imported and even if it is worth the cost.this was my review and if I am going to buy a bat I will buy sg.thanks hope this helped.see ya

What is a steamship powered by?

In the beginning the steamship (SS) was powered by coal, then later they changed to oil.

What does a TON in a cricket bat mean?

The "TON" stamp on the edge of a cricket bat is the branded logo of Sareen Sports (SS) also known as Sunridges. They brand the edges to ensure that when their bats are used by Professional Cricketers with other sponsors labels the origin of the bat remains. This is a very common practice in India where Sareen are based. The "TON" stamp also is only applied to English willow bats and "SS" is stamped on Kashmir willow bats.

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