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Q: Why did Adam goodes play football?
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Who does Adam Goodes play for?

The Sydney Swans

Adam Goodes nick name?

Do you mean Sydney Swans Adam Goodes?

When was Adam Goodes born?

Adam Goodes was born on 1980-01-08.

What team does Adam Goodes play for?


How old is Adam Goodes?

Adam Goodes is 37 years old. He was born on January 8, 1980.

Are Sydney Swans huge show-offs?

Yes they are weird. They do not know how to play footy and fluke their matches. All their gifted players like Adam Goodes are lazy cows and can't kick a football.

Why is Adam goodes a homegrown hero?

Adam Goodes is a homegrown hero because he is an Aboriginal ambassador and Australian of the Year and the way he plays respectable footy makes him loveable or hateable.

Who does denis cometti say is a Bill Dempsey lookalike?

adam goodes

Did Adam Sandler play football in Mr deeds?


Has an aboriginal won the brownlow medal?

Yes, Gavin Wanganeen in 1993 and more recently, Adam Goodes.

What team did Adam Goodes go for as a kid?

He represented victoria in high school and He began playin for north ballarat rebels at 16. In the Victorian football league. And played in a winning premiereship side where he was scouted by the Sydney swans

Sydney Swans star Adam?

do u mean Adam goodes?? he is aboriginal he won the 2003 and 2007 Brownlow Medal;) have a great day :D go swannies!!