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iam asparrow murderer was the first

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Q: Who was the only cricketer to kill a sparrow?
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When was Guy Sparrow - cricketer - born?

Guy Sparrow - cricketer - was born in 1877.

When did Guy Sparrow - cricketer - die?

Guy Sparrow - cricketer - died in 1958.

Is it illegal to kill a sparrow?

no, it's legal to kill a sparrow in most places In the U.S., all songbirds are fully protected by a variety of laws, so yes, it is illegal to kill sparrows.

Why House Sparrow important?

The only positive effect is that they attract other birds. However, they also kill other birds such as bluebirds.

Could a hawk kill a mountain lion?

No but a sparrow hawk can

Is sparrow give birth to animals?

Sparrow gives birth to sparrow only. Not any other animals. That is the law of the nature.

Who is the only cricketer who has hit 3 centuries in Lords?

Sachin tendulkar is the only cricketer who has hit 3 centuries in Lords.

Is it legal to kill a house sparrow?

Yes. These birds are not protected under the Migratory Bird Act. They are not native to the US and are an invasive species. You can kill them.

What is the only bird capable of seeing blue?


Other than Barbosa Elizabeth and Will who tried to kill Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

Davy Jones, Lord Cutler Beckett, and Calypso (Only counted by the intention of the maelstrom that occurred in the last Pirates movie.) When Jack Sparrow says 4 of you have tried to kill me in the past, one of you has succeeded, the fourth person he was reffering to is Calypso. It doesnt say it but out of all the people on that beach with him, they want you to draw a conclusion and she is the only one that fits.

The only cricketer played for three continents?

Kepler wessels

What is the symbiotic relationship between sparrow and osprey?

They don't have a symbiotic relationship ! Whilst the osprey would certainly eat the sparrow - they're not the ONLY food the osprey eats. The sparrow gets nothing from the osprey at all.